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Price comparison with EC2 On Demand and Reserved instance: AWS

Recently working with client to move ColdFusion project to AWS which has seasonal traffic. Key points are saving cost and easily upgrade/degrade server whenever needed. Initially start with On-Demand instance to make sure everything working fine before we permanently move to Cloud. 

As to save we have option to create reservered instance instead of ondemand. Recently Amazon introduce three type of reserved instance.

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Python Web Framework Comparison


Week ago I have published post for ColdFusin, Java and Python comparison as commercial aspect. I have completed comparison week ago but it didn't get time to blog. As a part of comparison I was also doing comparison of web framework available for Python. Don't consider this post as reference rather this is what I thought about web framework at first glance since I totally new to Python language. I open to discussion anything you thought is wrong or misleading.[googlead][/googlead]

Here is list of web framework available for Python (source WikiPedia), after spending couple of hours on Google decided to go with Django, web2py and Zope since I found these three are more advanced active frameworks.


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StackOverFlow Comparison Chart

Get comparision of number question asked on StackOverFlow

ColdFusion, Java and Python Comparison.


My employer is looking to start up development in new field/new language after successful 10 years in ColdFusion. As a technical manager I am assigned to research on market trends and availability of resources and of course community. Since last more than 10 years company providing ColdFusion based solution and really happy with ease of development, also there are lots of activities in ColdFusion since last 3 to 4 years after it is acquire by Adobe. 

When decide to start new department, after good amount of conversion we have decided to either go with JAVA or Python. Well, you may think why not consider .NET, PHP or Ruby on Rail... I really hate .NET and PHP, can not say why but just not like it although I have work with .Net around 3 years. Just coupon week ago I have posted blog "Python or Java?" to get review from my friends and readers and most of them guide me to go with Java. There is reason to guide me towards Java because I am coming from ColdFusion background which built on Java. I have decided to do research for both language and comparison with ColdFusion to make decision which should be our next development language to rock.

Basically I have decided to do research based on Job trends and community activity. I have take state from two sites (for job trends) and for community support.


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Python or Java?