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addcfcode: Mango Plugin published

Just before some days when I was writing my post regaring cfgrid with header and footer where I want to show output on my post. For this I need to create new demo page and give link to that or I can add iframe which load my demo page and just got idea why not add coldfusion tag on post and post display output that code :).

And this is what addcfcode plugin will do. You can add your own coldfusion code in post wrap with [addcfcode ][/addcfcode ].

Some post content ....[addcfcode ]<cfoutput>You are accessing from #cgi.remote_host#<br/> on #dateformat(now(),"mm/dd/yyyy")##timeformat(now(),"hh:mm:ss tt")#</cfoutput>[/addcfcode ]

And your content will look like...

<cfoutput>You are accessing from #cgi.remote_host#<br/> on #dateformat(now(),"mm/dd/yyyy")##timeformat(now(),"hh:mm:ss tt")#</cfoutput>

You are able to write whatever you want to do with coldfusion code.

NOTE: The space you see following the word "addcfcode" and the closing bracket is included to keep the tag from rendering in this page. You will need to remove the space for the tag to render.