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Adding minimize button on cfwindow in coldfusion 9

Hi All,

I was working on migrating our project from Coldfusion 8 to Coldfusion 9. As CF9 use ExtJs 3.1 for ajax library I face lots of problem during migration. One of them is adding minimize button on cfwindow. In one of my cfwindow have minimize button to colapse cfwindow, now ExtJs 3.x have different structure than ExtJs 1.1 it wasn't working in ColdFusion 9. But this time I was really lucky, CF 9 (actually ExtJs 3.x) has make this really easy to add collapsible button on window title bar.

We need to get object on CFWINDOW using ColdFusion.Window.getWindowObject and make collapsible property to true and you will minimize button on window header.

Below is Javascript code.

objWin = ColdFusion.Window.getWindowObject("myWin");objWin.collapsible = true;"myWin");