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1. Strange ColdFusion issue, JRUN eating up to 50% of CPU.


For one of our project we recently move to Amazon EC2 to make system easily scalable. This is kind of seasonal website which has high traffic during September and October and rest of the year traffic reduced to 70% with compare to October month. I think Amazon's usage based model is perfect for this client as he doesn't need to pay much on his off season also we can easily scale and add new instances during peak season and cover cost that we saved during off season.

Finally we happily moved everything on cloud EC2 and working fine. Suddenly after 1 hour of so CPU usage increased to 50% and remain constance 50% for hour or so. While looking into Task manager we realize that JRUN is eating up that CPU but there wan't much traffic at that time (average 1 user/sec) and system was happily handling this much traffic in our dedicated server. Tried to install Fusion Reactor to see realtime users and other stats but it seem that even Fusion Reactor can not figure out who is eating up CPU. For a day we keep running server as our all sites working correctly and wasn't making much performance issue.

On next day get CPU utilization graph provided by EC2 and found strange output. It seems that CPU usage remain 50% or UP for around 2 hours or so then came back to normal and again after 1 hour to went high to 50%, and repeating same schedule for whole day. 


Tags: ColdFusion
2. Amazon S3 PDF download link doesn't work in Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE)

In one of our project we are using Amazon S3 to store files which later use to download from web application. We have most of the files are in secure list and only accessible through web application. It was working fine for firefox but on chrome and Internet Explorer (specially PDF file) doesn't download or open in PDF Viewer plugin instead shows about:blank page client do not have any idea what going on. For tempory solution client able to download by right click on link and selecting save link to... option but this is not everybody going to do. 

Tags: ColdFusion, AWS
3. Adding validation dropdown in spreadsheet in ColdFusion

CFSpreadsheet is I think most usefull tag/function while working with enterprise project. CFSpreadsheet and related functions provide mostly all kind of basic functionality require to export data into spreadsheet. Recently one my project I had little bit advance requirement when need to add data validation and restrict user to choose value from dropdown. I think most of us are familiar with cfspreadsheet built on very popular Apache POI project and coldfusion on JAVA. So basically I am going to write some java code in ColdFusion :).

Tags: ColdFusion, ColdFusion 9
4. Configure ColdFusion with VisualVM

For one of our project we are facing jrun high usage issue. When looking into task manager (Window 2008) I found jRun continously eating up 50% CPU usage even though there is no traffic (or may be 2 to 3 users) only on site. Initially I tried to install FusionReactor to get all kind of detail regarding ColdFusion. Started with trial version and thought if useful then get full version but it seems that giving me all application ColdFusion application related information but can't find anything why JRun eating 50% of CPU usage. After bit googing I found VISUALVM and JConsole for monitoring and troubleshooting java application. I like VisualVm due to it's nice GUI and also I can integrate JConsole as plugin to it. It win - win kind of situation. 

I am not going to much detail about VisualVm and JConsole as they already have good documentation on their wetsite. All here I am going to explain is how to install VisualVm to work with ColdFusion for window OS.

Tags: ColdFusion
5. Complex password strength checking through regular expression

Currently working on project for well non credit card company where they have online registration form. They really want user enter enter strong password for their account and criteria for password listed below..

  1. Password must length between 8 to 18.
  2. Password must contain atleast one alpha and on numeric.
  3. Password must have one special characters from @,#,$.
  4. Password can not have repeative alpha and numeric.
Tags: ColdFusion, Regular Expression
6. ColdFire not working with Firefox 5.

I just tried below step and what ... it work fine for me.

1. Download coldfire project and unzip it.
2. Find coldfire.xpi and extract it using 7zip.
3. Open install.rdf file and replace maxVersion tag with <em:maxVersion>5.*</em:maxVersion>.
4. replace em:version with <em:version></em:version>.
5. Zip again and later change extension to 'xpi'.
6. Remove exiting firebug and coldfire from firefox extension.
7. Download Firebug 1.7.3 (Not 1.8.* beta).
8. Drag and drop new .xpi file to firefox. Once installed restart it.

Tags: ColdFusion, coldfire
7. Listing scheduled task.

I love cfschedule tag to create/update/delete schedule and use one file to create all schedules. This is really help whenever you switch server and require to transfer all schedule task from one hosting server to another one. As we all know Standard coldfusion server doesn't allow export facility and I am using around 25 schedule task to perform different scehdule operation. Whenever I need to add schedule file I add cfschedule tag in my cfm page and run it on server and it works great for me. But once programmer added tag and run file on server but it doesn't create schedule task and he is in under impression that task is created. I am not sure why it is not created and even doesn't display any error in this case but this push my mind to think on this single file shcule creation file

Tags: ColdFusion
8. What's new in Coldfusion X.
Tags: ColdFusion, Coldfusion X
9. function local scope vs variables scope in coldfusion.
Tags: ColdFusion
10. Add file into zip from URL in Coldfusion

For one of our client had requirement to download photos in zip format and it was working file with cfzip tag. Although I have some performance issue with cfzip tag as cfzip doesn’t allow you to zip with list of files. We can create zip for whole folder, add single file but can’t have ability to add list of files at single instance. In my case I have around 50 images which I need to add into zip file and I have only one way to do so is adding one by one file. I was looking for alternative solution for creating zip which gives faster performance with adding file list.

Tags: ColdFusion
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