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mssql table field of type ntext coming as empty string coldfusion 7

I am sorry for posting issue of coldfusion 7 in era of ColdFusion 9 :). Today I face really strange issue about value of ntext field not populating in cfquery. Application was running on ColdFusion 7 (eventhough I didn't face same issue on local server running with ColdFusion 7).Tried same query in Sql Server Management and seems data was coming correctly mean query was OK but when I dump CFQUERY it showing empty string for ntext fields. Now this is really hair pulling situation and after 2 hours of try and error method I found simple solution, that is...

"Keep your unicode columns at last in query".

I just move all ntext field at last in sql query and seems everything work fine now. Didn't find much time to digg for this issue but it seems that JDBC/ODBC driver issue and client server was really old having older version of JDBC/ODBC drivers.

Hope this help and let me know if anyone what exact issue is.