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Price comparison with EC2 On Demand and Reserved instance: AWS

Recently working with client to move ColdFusion project to AWS which has seasonal traffic. Key points are saving cost and easily upgrade/degrade server whenever needed. Initially start with On-Demand instance to make sure everything working fine before we permanently move to Cloud. 

As to save we have option to create reservered instance instead of ondemand. Recently Amazon introduce three type of reserved instance.

  1. Light Utilization 
  2. Medium Utilization
  3. Heavy Utilization
Depending on utiization of server we can save money with reserving instance. As we are going to host website on one of the stance we are good with Heavy Utilization Reserved instance but really want to know how much actualy we can save money with Reserved Instance.
Prepared spreadsheet to compare On demand, Light, Medium and Heavy Utilization R.I. with small, large and Extra large instance. Statistics really interesting, we can same good amount in 3 Year reservered instance compare to On Demand. Obviously as we need to pay non refundable initial fee. But if you really looking for Cloud for long time 3 Years reserved instanace option is really good as we just cover up initial payment within around 1 Year and 2 Months and rest of 22 months will be huge saving :).
Click here to view comparision spreadsheet.