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Upgrading from ColdFusion 8 to ColdFusion 9?

If you want to updgrade from Coldfusion 8 to Coldfusion 9 on your server then think twice before doing this. If you are working on big project where you have widly used coldfusion ajax component and custumize and play with ExtJs function for enhance your ajax functionality then this will be nightmare for you to migrating to Coldfusion 9. Main reason behind this is ColdFusion 8 is using ExtJs 1.X as ajax/javascript function and in Coldfusion 9 Adobe has used ExtJs 3.0. Below is quotes from ExtJs site for migration from Ext 1 to 2.

"Unfortunately, because of the architectural changes in the new versionof Ext, it was not possible to maintain full backwards compatibility.While the Overview will help get you oriented with the new code base,this guide will provide the practical steps needed to migrate your codeas painlessly as possible." [googlead]single_line[/googlead]

Means you may need to look at your all pages where you have applied enhance ajax functionality and this what I am doing right now.I am playing with cfgrid, cflayout and cfwindow which I have widly used in our system.

I will keep posting about migrating from CF 8 to CF 9 for different ajax component.