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What's new in Coldfusion X.

SOTR#2011 is running on scotland but I am not such lucky fellow who attend it. I have my twitter friends who keep giving me updates on this lol. Just read blog from Raymond Camden (I dont know who is he) who wrote update on meeting.

Quick updates are ...

1. Varity will be removed. - Really do not care about it as I am aleady using SOLR.

2. JRun is being removed in favor of Tomcat. - Like it. I was working with Tomcat and ColdFusion 9 and really loved it. Recently post about  So it is good know that Adobe is favoring my thought :D.

3. Webservices updated to Axis 2. - Work lot with webservices in my one of project but really do not care about Axis 1 or Axis 2.

4. Scheduled tasks updated. - Really like chaining and other options Ray has mentioned.

5. Jobs : Something like cfthread.. I always had hard time with thread, I am familiar with concept of thread and how it is run but it was always difficult for me to work with. Hope cfjob will make things easy for me.

6. Java loader/proxies. : Thats Ok... Do not need java loader anymore but I always thankful Mark Mandel for this.

7. Closures : Even I do not know much about it (You are not alone Ray). Will go into detail.

8. HTML5/jquery: This is what really I like it. I am very good fan of Jquery, I had used extJs but now exhausted with complex framework (May be not much complex but not so easy as jQuery).

Overall good number of changes in ColdFusion X. Excited ... Really excited