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Configure ColdFusion with VisualVM

For one of our project we are facing jrun high usage issue. When looking into task manager (Window 2008) I found jRun continously eating up 50% CPU usage even though there is no traffic (or may be 2 to 3 users) only on site. Initially I tried to install FusionReactor to get all kind of detail regarding ColdFusion. Started with trial version and thought if useful then get full version but it seems that giving me all application ColdFusion application related information but can't find anything why JRun eating 50% of CPU usage. After bit googing I found VISUALVM and JConsole for monitoring and troubleshooting java application. I like VisualVm due to it's nice GUI and also I can integrate JConsole as plugin to it. It win - win kind of situation. 

I am not going to much detail about VisualVm and JConsole as they already have good documentation on their wetsite. All here I am going to explain is how to install VisualVm to work with ColdFusion for window OS.

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Complex password strength checking through regular expression

Currently working on project for well non credit card company where they have online registration form. They really want user enter enter strong password for their account and criteria for password listed below..

  1. Password must length between 8 to 18.
  2. Password must contain atleast one alpha and on numeric.
  3. Password must have one special characters from @,#,$.
  4. Password can not have repeative alpha and numeric.
Tags: ColdFusion, Regular Expression
Making Paypal standard checkbout more user friendly
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CF Builder Error: "Unhandled event loop execution" when trying install new software

Got new project and started working this, going through documentation provided by client and where he mention code repository will be Git. Well, we use SVN for code version but never used Git, I do have idea about GIT and account in Github site but never get chance to look into it. As ususal to start with GIT first of all I look for eclipse plugin for this and found one at Thoguht to give try and click menu "Help >> Install New Software..." and get alert need to start builder with administrator. I guess this is because CFBuilder installed on program files folder which usually require administrative access to add/remove files in it. So restarted cfbuilder with administrative access and again click on same menu but this time nothing happen, tried twice, thrice but nothing happen.

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ColdFire not working with Firefox 5.

I just tried below step and what ... it work fine for me.

1. Download coldfire project and unzip it.
2. Find coldfire.xpi and extract it using 7zip.
3. Open install.rdf file and replace maxVersion tag with <em:maxVersion>5.*</em:maxVersion>.
4. replace em:version with <em:version></em:version>.
5. Zip again and later change extension to 'xpi'.
6. Remove exiting firebug and coldfire from firefox extension.
7. Download Firebug 1.7.3 (Not 1.8.* beta).
8. Drag and drop new .xpi file to firefox. Once installed restart it.

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