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Load balancing with Apache Tomcat on ColdFusion standard version

This one is actually part-ii of my first blog “Running multiple tomcat instances with Coldfusion standard version” but to make it more meaningful I have changed title of this Post.

In previous post we have run single site on two instance of tomcat and on different port. Now time to run both instance under single website URI with load balancing for high availability under Apache server.

Let's install Apache http server using downloaded .msi, to avoid security issue and spacing in path I prefer to install “C:\Apache2.2” [APACHE_HOME] and make sure it is pointing to port 80. Once finish with installing browse URL http://localhost to make sure Apache server is configured and running correctly. To perform load balancing on two tomcat instance download mod_jk. Use Binary releases link and choose your appropriate platform and download file Copy it to APACHE_HOME/modules folder and rename it to

Running multiple instances of RAILO on tomcat.

Month ago I wrote blog about "Installing RAILO with Tomcat" this is what I have first time installed RAILO on my PC. After getting success in that I tried to run multiple instances of RAILO for different site and even single site. Below is step by step guide to create multiple instance of RAILO.

Note: I assume that reader has already gone through my first blog on installing RAILO on Tomcat.

  1. Copy RAILO jar files into tomcat folder under "railojars".
  2. Open file and add ${catalina.home}/railojars/*.jar in common.loader (see more).
  3. Update web.xml as per explain in my first blog.
  4. Create new folder "instance1" under tomcat folder.
  5. Create bin,conf,logs,temp and webapps folder under instance1.
  6. Copy,web.xml and server.xml from tomcat/conf to instance1/conf folder.
  7. Open server.xml file and change port numbers and make sure it doesn't conflict.
  8. Open web.xml file and servlet settings explain in my first blog.
Configure multiple sites on RAILO, Tomcat and Windows (Part-II)
Configure multiple sites on RAILO, Tomcat and Windows
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function local scope vs variables scope in coldfusion.
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