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addcfcode: Mango Plugin published

Just before some days when I was writing my post regaring cfgrid with header and footer where I want to show output on my post. For this I need to create new demo page and give link to that or I can add iframe which load my demo page and just got idea why not add coldfusion tag on post and post display output that code :).
And this is what addcfcode plugin will do. You can add your own coldfusion code in post wrap with [addcfcode ][/addcfcode ].

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Railo at first glance: Installing in windows with IIS 7


After working with ColdFusion since last four years, todays I just thought to play with Railo. Railo started on 2002 and release on late 2005 ( and I get time today in 2010 to look into this :)) Railo open source and completely free open source CFML engine. 

Installing Railo on window:

  1. Download setup executable from
  2. Keep installation to c:/railo to keep it simple and avoid administrator rights alerts in Vista and Window 7.
  3. Once installation is  finish try out http://localhost:8600 which open administrator page and ask to set your administrator password.  


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Encrypt query parameter (URL) in alphanumeric format.

I was working in on project in which I required to send link in email which redirect user to my site and automatically login to system and redirect to proper page. For security reason I like to entry URL query parameter, so it will be bit easy, build URL parameter string (ex. userId=123&commid=293&redirecturl=xyz.cfm) and enctry it with coldfusion inbuilt function encrypt. Now the problem is, encrypt function give some special characters which cause issue in URL, it is always better to have only alphanumeric values as URL paramter.

cfmap tag for Google Map

I really impressed with CFMAP tag in ColdFusion 9. It eliminatesjavascript code for google map api. Now google map integration is soeasy that will finish in just two steps 1. Get google map API key foryour domain. 2. Use CFMAP tag and render map in HTML page.

After getting API key we need to tell coldfusion about our MAP APIkey either by giving in cfajaximport tag or application.cfc file. Youcan specify api key in cfajaximport tag if you are want to use this insingle page only but if planning to use google map in site wide thenbetter idea to specify in Application.cfc. Below are both way tospecify key.

<cfajaximport params="#{googlemapkey='ABQIAAAABvdd0PabCkL4zGc4TF1t6hT2yXp_ZAY8_uf....'}#" />
<cfset this.googlemapkey="ABQIAAAABvdd0PabCkL4zGc4TF1t6hT2yXp_ZAY8_uf.....">

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Problem with Real Number operation and dollarFormat function