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Rebuilds indexes for entire database
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Nesting of CFLAYOUT creating problem with ColdFusion.navigate

Today I came across problem with CFLAYOUT tag and ColdFusion.navigateproblem. It was working in ColdFusion 8 but same code doesn't work withColdFusion 9. Actually when I use simpler version it work fine in both8 and 9 but when I use little complex CFLAYOUT then it doesn't workwith CF9. Let me show you both example which work/not work with CF9respectively.

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Adding minimize button on cfwindow in coldfusion 9
java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.String

"java.lang.Double cannot be cast to java.lang.String" error you must face if you are previously using ColdFusion 8 and migrating to ColdFusion 9. For one of my client we were migrating from CF8 to CF9, mainly we faces issue related to ExtJs as CF 9 using 3.0 version which I can understand but above error really surprised me as this one is coldfusion error and I found nothing wrong in my code as that was working fine in ColdFusion 8. After googling on I found it was bug and Adobe has consider as hot fixes. 

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Generate Strong Random Password
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