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Transferring Mura comments to Disqus

I had hard time to adding captcha to my mura blog, actually I do not want to make much changes due to lack of time so I just keep comment box open to all without any captcha but required approval before publish thinking only good people live on earth :). And from next day my mail box flood with comment required for approval. Ofcourse none them was genuine comments so I was clearing comments instead of doing some productive work. To avoid this headache thought to move comment on Disqus so there will less spamming issue. There is great plugin made by Steve for inserting Disqus comments and really easy to install as well. So my blog now has disqus comment box but I really do not want loose my old genuine comments entered by readers. 

The fault returned when invoking .Net webservice through ColdFusion.
By Pritesh

Recently working with remote webservice call build on .Net platform and calling from ColdFusion and it return following error
The fault returned when invoking the web service operation is:

org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: BarCodeParam cannot be null!!


For bloging I have use open .Net webservice to generate barcode for given string. As generateBarCode function taking two argument and first one is complex type which obviously  need to pass as structure as per ColdFusion specification. 

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Strange ColdFusion issue, JRUN eating up to 50% of CPU.


For one of our project we recently move to Amazon EC2 to make system easily scalable. This is kind of seasonal website which has high traffic during September and October and rest of the year traffic reduced to 70% with compare to October month. I think Amazon's usage based model is perfect for this client as he doesn't need to pay much on his off season also we can easily scale and add new instances during peak season and cover cost that we saved during off season.

Finally we happily moved everything on cloud EC2 and working fine. Suddenly after 1 hour of so CPU usage increased to 50% and remain constance 50% for hour or so. While looking into Task manager we realize that JRUN is eating up that CPU but there wan't much traffic at that time (average 1 user/sec) and system was happily handling this much traffic in our dedicated server. Tried to install Fusion Reactor to see realtime users and other stats but it seem that even Fusion Reactor can not figure out who is eating up CPU. For a day we keep running server as our all sites working correctly and wasn't making much performance issue.

On next day get CPU utilization graph provided by EC2 and found strange output. It seems that CPU usage remain 50% or UP for around 2 hours or so then came back to normal and again after 1 hour to went high to 50%, and repeating same schedule for whole day. 


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Importing data in Amazon RDS DB Instance for Microsoft SQL Server

Recently Amazon Cloud started RDS for Microsoft SQL Server and currently support Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Since RDS currently doesn't support restoring database from Backup it is really tedious job to import large database. AWS has detail documentation of export/import database with different method. As mention in documentation Bulk Copy is fastest method when you have big size database. Although everything mention in documentation I will walk you through my experience for importing database. 

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Giving good quality for Agile software development with small team

I need your opinion on this topic. Currently I am researching onhow to work with Agile software and small team and still need to provide goodquality. I am just trying to know how different companies work in thissituation and what kind of methodology they use though deliver good quality. Iknow there are lots of book on Software Engineering and mention different modelbut we always do not follow model and everyone has their own model based ontheir team capabilities and company strategy.