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Can't see email attachment in iOS email application send through Railo/Lucee

Recently, We started getting lots of complain about attachment not going through email send via our Railo/Lucee application but this wasn't case for everyone. After taking review from different clients I realize that only mobile user not able to see attachment on their phones. Specially this case I found with iOS 7 and higher. Not sure about below iOS 6 since I never get such complain earlier. CFMAIL tag code was perfectly right, specified attachment mime type but still iOS email app wasn't showing it correctly. In different web mail client, desktop mail clients and even in Android displays email attachment but iOS. 

Tags: Lucee, cfmail, ios
How to change default port for GitLab

All below instructions are for Gitlab version 7.0.0.

As suggested on you can configure port on below file.

  1. Change port to 81 (You can choose your own) at port: near by production:$base >> gitlab: for file /opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/config/gitlab.yml
  2. Change your host address if you like to use different from your ip address or localhost
  3. Change server port to 81 in file "/opt/gitlab/embedded/conf/nginx.conf"
  4. Restart gitlab using command "sudo gitlab-ctl restart".
Tags: nginx, gitlab
AWS RDS (MySQL) error you *might* want to use the less safe log_bin_trust_function_creators variable) for function creation.

Recently moving one of our client to AWS Cloud for project built on RAILO and MYSQL. Maninly two issue face during MYSQL migration. 

  1. Default timezone for MySql is UTC and there is not way to change per RDS instance.
  2. Error occured while creating function with message "You do not have the SUPER privilege and binary logging is enabled (you *might* want to use the less safe log_bin_trust_function_creators variable)"
Calling LinkedIn API from RAILO with CFHTTP generate error

Since couple of weeks working with various social API integration in RAILO and most of the API I was calling using CFHTTP tag. While creating API for LinkedIn I start getting error since LinkedIn wasn't able to resolve URL that I was sending. From error message it turn out that RAILO encode full URL instead of only query paramters. Below is code for LinkedIn API to get people search where URL itself contains special characters like ), : etc. which are encoded while passing it through CFHTTP.

ColdFusion vs Railo behavior difference scope assignment.
By Pritesh

While working with one of the project I have notice different behaviour between ColdFusion and RAILO while using any scope as variable. I do not advise to use any CFML keywords/function name/scope name to use as variables although it doesn't complaining about it but as a human we do mistakes and we learn. Normally I have notice that people are using "url" as variable to store API url etc. But if you are working on website or project which support multiple platform then you may find behaviour difference.

Tags: ColdFusin, Railo