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1. Importing data in Amazon RDS DB Instance for Microsoft SQL Server

Recently Amazon Cloud started RDS for Microsoft SQL Server and currently support Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Since RDS currently doesn't support restoring database from Backup it is really tedious job to import large database. AWS has detail documentation of export/import database with different method. As mention in documentation Bulk Copy is fastest method when you have big size database. Although everything mention in documentation I will walk you through my experience for importing database. 

Tags: SQL, AWS
2. Rebuilds indexes for entire database
Tags: SQL
3. SQL Server 2005/2008 and database diagram creation error.
Tags: SQL
4. Get hierarchical list in SQL Server 2008
Tags: SQL
5. Finding Zip code list within specified miles

I was just working around to get list zip code within 25 miles of radius for given address. I have database table for Zip Codes with below columns.

  • "zip" - Store zip code
  • "zip_latitude" - Store latitude
  • "zip_longitude" - Store longitude

I have created MS SQL function which returns sql table object with list of all zip codes within specified radius in which you might interested.


Tags: SQL
6. Coldfusion function to avoid sql injection
Tags: ColdFusion, SQL
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