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1. Railo at first glance: Installing in windows with IIS 7


After working with ColdFusion since last four years, todays I just thought to play with Railo. Railo started on 2002 and release on late 2005 ( and I get time today in 2010 to look into this :)) Railo open source and completely free open source CFML engine. 

Installing Railo on window:

  1. Download setup executable from
  2. Keep installation to c:/railo to keep it simple and avoid administrator rights alerts in Vista and Window 7.
  3. Once installation is  finish try out http://localhost:8600 which open administrator page and ask to set your administrator password.  


Tags: IIS, Railo
2. 404 Page not found displayed when try to download .xlsx extention

Today I face really strange issue, when I tried to download filewith extention .xlsx and browser redirect me on 404 Page not foundpage. My belief is whenever IIS (webserver) found file is not scriptfile then it will let browser to download the file but in this case ittook me to "Page Not Found" page.

I have done googling for this and Solution is really simple. We require to add Mime type 'application/octet-stream' in IIS.

Tags: IIS
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