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1. ColdFusion wrapper for jQuery autocomplete.

For one of my project I required autocomplete box. I know coldfusion has its own autocomplete but has lots of limitation. I wanted autocomplete to work like select box of html, display lable of product in list but in backend it will return ID for that product and as usual I just stop at jQuery-ui Autocomplete (I just love jquery) which allow good customization.
This coldfusion wrapper allow you to use jqury autocomplete with coldfusion query variables or loading data remotely.


<cf_autocompletetextFieldName="productName" textFieldValue="" textFieldBind="PRODUCTNAME"idFieldName="productId" idFieldBind = "PRODUCTID"datasource="/cfc/products.cfc?method=getActiveProduct&returnFormat=JSON"fieldList="PRODUCTID,PRODUCTNAME,PRICE"queryParam="product" displayTemplate="<div><img src=""/images/{PRODUCTID}.gif"">{PRODUCTNAME}&nbsp;: {PRICE}" minlength=2 />

Tags: ColdFusion, customtag
2. CFPOP with SSL support

Coldfusion custom tag using CFPOP tag which allow to access pop3 account with and without SSL support.

Tags: ColdFusion, customtag
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