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1. Importing data in Amazon RDS DB Instance for Microsoft SQL Server

Recently Amazon Cloud started RDS for Microsoft SQL Server and currently support Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Since RDS currently doesn't support restoring database from Backup it is really tedious job to import large database. AWS has detail documentation of export/import database with different method. As mention in documentation Bulk Copy is fastest method when you have big size database. Although everything mention in documentation I will walk you through my experience for importing database. 

Tags: SQL, AWS
2. Amazon S3 PDF download link doesn't work in Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE)

In one of our project we are using Amazon S3 to store files which later use to download from web application. We have most of the files are in secure list and only accessible through web application. It was working fine for firefox but on chrome and Internet Explorer (specially PDF file) doesn't download or open in PDF Viewer plugin instead shows about:blank page client do not have any idea what going on. For tempory solution client able to download by right click on link and selecting save link to... option but this is not everybody going to do. 

Tags: ColdFusion, AWS
3. Price comparison with EC2 On Demand and Reserved instance: AWS

Recently working with client to move ColdFusion project to AWS which has seasonal traffic. Key points are saving cost and easily upgrade/degrade server whenever needed. Initially start with On-Demand instance to make sure everything working fine before we permanently move to Cloud. 

As to save we have option to create reservered instance instead of ondemand. Recently Amazon introduce three type of reserved instance.

Tags: AWS
  • Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3

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